Reliance 540 Stool
Reliance 540 Stool

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Reliance 540 Stool
Reliance 540 Stool

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Reliance 540 Stool

Bottom-line comfort and maximum variety

The 500 series is designed for optimal stability during the most delicate surgery. In this line there are five options, so you can easily find one that suits your needs.

Product Overview

500 Series Surgical Stools

The base exceeds the circumference of the stool to provide stability, even in the sit-stand position.  Swivel of stool seat is locked by lifting floor pedal.  A convenient foot pedal provides hands-free adjustment of stool height.

Choice of Three Heights

Standard: 17½’’ to 25’’, medium: 20½ to 28’’, high: 24’’ to 31½’’.


Finished for Durability

  • Select from 14, easy-to-maintain vinyl colors.  Other vinyl colors available by request. 

  • All exposed metal, with exception of the aluminum base, is chrome-plated steel.

  • Base and legs finished in tough, black epoxy enamel.

  • 15" round seat without back.


Optional Foot Ring

Order a foot ring with your stool, or at a later date.


Exceptional Stability

All 500 series stools have five legs to evenly distribute weight and ensure stability.


Tech Specs

Base diameter 19¾’’; footrest: 16’’ diameter; 2’’ spacer available to elevate ring 2’’ to 4’’.

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