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Cal Coast Manual Lensmeter

Product Overview

  • Ranges of diopter measurement: 0~+25D

  • Minimun scale value: 0.125D at 0~±5D

  • 0.25D at ±5D~±25D

  • Astigmatism axis of cylindric lens 0~180°,Minimum scale value 5°

  • Prism diopter of pattem A:at 1△interval in the range of 0~5△

  • Prism diopter of pattem B:at 1△interval in the range of 0~20△

  • Prism base angle: 0~180°,Minimum scale valuce 5 °

  • Regulation of ocular visibility: ±5D

  • Size of lens: ф16mm~ ф80mm

  • Overall dimensions of device: 275mm×130mm×455mm

  • Weight: 5.6kg

  • Lighting lamp: 220v15w 110v15w

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