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Product Overview

Essilor AKR550 Auto Kerato-Refractometer

Outstanding refractive measurements with quick and simple operation.

  • High-accuracy measurements on even small pupils

  • Guided alignment that automatically starts measurements when pupil is focused

  • Pupil size measurement in scotopic and photopic light conditions

  • Screen tilts and swivels for comfort when seated or standing

  • Automatic data transfer to APH 550

High quality measurements

  • High measurement accuracy, even on small pupils

  • Guided alignment and auto-shoot: once focus is done, measurement starts automatically

  • Automatic pupil size measurement in scotopic and photopic light conditions

  • TIlting swiveling screen to operate both in seated and standing positions

Ready for automated refraction chain

  • Can be easily connected to the APH 550 automatic refractor for an automatic transmission of objective refraction data

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