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Product Overview

Essilor Vision-S 700 Refraction Station

Space saver and game changer with speed and accuracy built on exclusive innovation.

  • Standalone, ultra-compact tabletop subjective refraction unit

  • Patented Digital Infinite Refraction method and exclusive optical module

  • High degree of accuracy with rapid 3-minute refractions

  • Concentrates a complete refraction experience into an immersive station

  • Unique refraction experience that can potentially drive traffic, differentiate the practice, facilitate the discussions about complementary pairs, and transform the overall business potential

The Vision-S refraction station is designed to meet the world's growing demand for refraction due to lifestyle changes, intensive screen use, and aging populations. It revolutionizes the refraction process, massively enhances the patient journey, and has the potential to transform the retail organization.

Approved by experts, its ultra-compact design and immersive experience make it a game-changer, giving you the potential to increase refraction capacity dramatically and boost your business.

The more refractions, the more business

Your store's success depends on the volume of refractions converted into frames and lenses. A good refraction is the first and most important step to a satisfied customer. When it is both accurate and comfortable, it can have a snowball effect on revenues.

Great untapped potential

Out of six billion people globally that deserve vision correction, only two billion were tested in the last three years. This massive shortfall translates into a huge opportunity to increase business and develop your practice.

The dilemma

The dilemma is how to increase store refraction capacity without compromising on accuracy or patient experience, and without having to incur more costs.

The Vision-S 700 refraction station is the answer to increasing refraction capacity and growing your business. It not only incorporated gold-standard accuracy and a rapid 3-minute refraction, it goes further: it concentrates a complete refraction room into an immersive station while offering patients a totally new experience.

Consisting of a stand-alone tabletop subjective refraction unit, the VIsion-S 700 refraction station incorporates the Digital Infinite Refraction method from Essilor. The patented display screens simulate near and far distance. In a virtual world of specially-developed life-like images, the patient is led into a "wide as infinity" world of immersive imaging.

Revolution in refraction

  1. With the Digital Infinite Refraction method, we make refraction more direct and accurate.

  2. The need for the traditional patient-chart distance is eliminated, enabling you to expand refraction capacity with a significant gain in space.

  3. A unique and exclusive immersive patient experience drives traffic, helps convert sales, and transforms your overall business potential.

Key features and benefits

Boost your business with just one device:

  • Gold standard accuracy

  • Fast

  • Space-saver

  • Improved patient comfort

  • Drives patient traffic

  • User-friendly

  • Increased lens conversion

Expand Refraction capacity while ensuring academic accuracy

The Vision-S 700 refraction station multiples your refraction capacity through speed, accuracy and ease of use making it a smart component for any ambitious business.

Fast and accurate

The powerful state-of-the-art patented optical module and algorithms provide a rapid 3-minute refraction with proven accuracy. This liberates time for the ECP to develop the patient relationship and to showcase solutions.

  • 3- minute refraction made possible by a patented optical module combined with algorithms, allowing for vectorial refraction and a more direct procedure

  • The Smart Program recommendation feature takes into account the existing prescription, objective refraction, and age for a more direct route to the result

  • Reliable results limit returns resulting in cost-savings

So easy and accessible

The exclusive algorithms and guided Smart Programs simplify the refraction exam. By simply recording the patient's answers, the Smart programs and algorithms together with the optical module properties enable automatic calculation of the refraction result. The continuous and smaller increment possibilities combined with the secured automatic protocol contributes to a great degree of accuracy.



A refraction room in one small device

The Vision-S 700 refraction station is one of the most compact refraction stations ever created, a device that manages to encompass all the power and more available in the most cutting-edge traditional-sized refraction room. THe usual patient-chart distance of 20 ft. (6 meters) is no longer necessary thanks to the exclusive distance-simulation technology that allows it to test enhanced near distance to infinity capabilities within the device itself.

The Vision-S 700 refraction station shrinks the universe of a traditional refraction room into a compact station that takes just a tenth of the usual space. During the exam, the patient experience is enhanced with a wide and infinite field of vision.

All that new space leaves room for more business

The ultra-compact design of VIsion-S 700 frees up valuable floor space, enabling you to reinvent your practice in imaginative new ways.

  • ​Free up extra space to create additional refraction lanes or other income-generated activities

  • Develop a small-store concept to take advantage of the ultra-compact design

  • Create new opportunities such as pop-up or mobile stores to expand your coverage

Controlling the exam environment

By controlling the environment, it is possible to make an exceptional performance the new standard:

  • Controlling multiple distances, protocols and lighting for ultimate accuracy

  • Harmonize the patient experience

  • Promote patient loyalty with uniform, high-quality experiences throughout multiple locations


Give your patients a new experience

The VIsion-S 700 refraction station incorporates a unique immersive technology that engages customers with a novel immersive experience, driving sales and repeat business. Designed to promote the sale of a complementary pair, it plunges the patient into like-like scenes and transforms the refractive experience.

Show the prescription in action

To illustrate the prescription, a unique model places the patient in real-life simulations, selected on the basis of consumer studies on the impact specific situations influence the purchasing behavior. The patient can clearly compare the before-and-after refraction results and make better informed purchase decisions.

How the immersive experience can boost your business

  • Seeing prescription in action builds confidence for additional purchases

  • The SunRx converter increases the conversion rate of a complementary pair

  • Subtle progression from refraction to sales

  • Incorporating the upselling step into the exam procedure. Patients see it professionally, leading to improved sales

  • Generates traffic through word of mouth

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