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Product Overview

Essilor Wave Analyzer Medica (WAM800) Wavefront Aberrometer

Fully-automatic screening solution for a complete eye physiology analysis and visual needs assessment

WAM 800 is a very intuitive, rapid and fully-automatic wavefront aberrometer that combines several technologies to enable the eye care professional to provide a comprehensive screening of the eye in less than two minutes.

  • Glaucoma screening and monitoring

  • Keratoconus detection

  • Cataract screening

  • Myopia control

  • Patient vision simulation

  • Eye strain and near-vision assessment

  • Virtual workstation available

  • Efficiency in optical environments

Glaucoma Screening and Monitoring

  • Improved tonometry using fixation point and IOP value automatically corrected according to the corneal thickness

  • Anterior chamber analysis with a precise measurement of iridocorneal angles


Keratoconus Detection

  • Placido rings topography to help analyze over 100,000 points of cornea and provide the Keratoconus probability index

  • 3D simulation of the cornea curvature combined with pupillometry to help get valuable data for contact lens fittings

Cataract Screening

  • Using infrared retro-illumination, WAM 800 provides a detailed view of the crystal lens opacity helpful in identifying cataracts


Patients’ pupillary behavioral patterns and spherical aberrations are responsible for the overall loss of visual quality including poor night vision. Thanks to the wavefront technology, WAM 800 provides acuity simulation to give a better understanding of the patient’s vision. The eye care professional can then use the data to show how much vision can be optimized and promote the benefits of night-vision, anti-fatigue, progressive or personalized lenses.

Patient Vision Simulation

  • Individual autorefractometry and pupillary measurement for mesopic and photopic conditions and near vision

  • Easy-to-use day/night simulation of the patient’s vision using the Point Spread Function


Eye Strain and Near-Vision Assessment

  • Real-time evaluation of the patient’s eye fatigue when focusing on nearby objects

  • Automatic display of the eye fatigue by distances in centimeters

Efficiency in Optical Environments

  • Intuitive user interface with quick access to predefined patient protocols

  • Textual and graphical displays to guide the operator through the screening

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