I-OPS in-Office Procedure System

Save time and improve patient flow

Discover true innovation with a system that enables one-handed operation.

Product Overview

Instruments within easy reach for more efficient procedures

Developed in collaboration with Christopher Riemann, M.D. of the Cincinnati Eye Institute, I-OPS is an ergonomically optimized Instrument Delivery System that allows physicians to perform intravitreal injections and other minor in-office procedures much more efficiently.


I-OPS eliminates wasted movements, saving time and improving patient flow as well as patient safety and comfort.


Patent pending.

Configure I-OPS to suit physician preferences

Like most true innovations, the idea behind I-OPS is simple. Holders securely present what surgeons need where they need it for easy one-handed removal and operation.

With an adjustable arm that mounts onto most instrument stands, the durable tray features interchangeable inserts. This modular system accommodates up to nine components, and is easily configurable to suit individual preferences.

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