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Product Overview

Kowa HA-2 Applanation Tonometer

The HA-2 applanation tonometer is an easily adaptable and accurate tool that works on the Goldmann prism principle


Using industry standard tonometer probes, this instrument is ideal for domiciliary situations or as a back-up tonometer and provides pressure readings using the gold standard applanation principle. 

  • Compact, lightweight, and well-balanced; easy to handle with just one hand

  • Unique, one spring mechanism ensures correct reading regardless of patient's posture

  • Built-in illumination enables instrument use regardless of lighting conditions

  • No conversion tables necessary with direct reading type precision dial built into the device

  • Accessories such as an adjustable headrest and an interchangeable eyepiece provide the most optimal conditions for measurement

  • Standard prism heads

  • Standard battery power source

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