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Product Overview

Heine MPack Portable Power Supply with p

Heine mPack Portable Power Pack with Plug-in Transformer

Freedom from cables that tie the user to desk, wall or static power supplies

  • Li-ion Battery

  • Battery Capacity Indicator

  • Fast Charge

Freedom from cables that tie the user to desk, wall or static power supplies. 


Triple the Capacity with Li-ion Technology. Compared with current NiCd systems. When fully charged at least 3 x the capacity of conventional NiCd systems. More than double of other Li-ion systems. No memory effect.


Fast Charge. Charges to full capacity in just 2 hours.


Charge status display. Always lets you know how much operating charge you have left.


Flexible Charging Options. Charge in the EN 50 Charger base station, or with mobile plug-in transformer. 


Intelligent. Automatically switches to “charge” mode when inserted in EN 50. Can also be used as mains power supply even while in “charge” mode.


Automatic remote power adjustment for compatibility with all HEINE and selected LED instruments.


Stepless light intensity control 0.5 – 100 %. Optimum brightness setting prevents reflexes. 

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