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Product Overview

Topcon TRC-NW8 High Resolution Non-Myd System (Telemed Capable)

The TRC-NW8 IMAGEnet High Resolution Non-Mydriatic Capture System (Telemedicine Capable) combines IMAGEnet® Lite, the recognized standard in fundus imaging telemedicine software, with the Topcon TRC-NW8 automated non-mydriatic retinal camera to provide an easy to use telemedicine color fundus screening package

NOW AVAILABLE: Wireless Review Station to be used with the TRC-NW8 non-mydriatic capture system and IMAGEnet® 6. Allows reviewing images from an IMAGEnet® 6 capture station via Wi-Fi.  First wireless review station requires the use of a wireless router. 

So simple to use! 

With clinics getting busier these days it was seen as crucial 
that the new TRC-NW8 should be the easiest camera to use in order to obtain the best possible results time after time. 
To facilitate this new TRC-NW8 incorporates some ground breaking technology to aid the photographer. 

  • Color and red-free photography

  • Stereo “ready” for reproducible imaging

  • External digital camera ensures that you have the latest resolution

  • Fully automated retinal camera includes auto focus, auto shoot and auto small pupil detection

  • AutoMosaic™ function provides panoramic image of retina (85º and greater)

  • Comprehensive package of image measurement tools

  • Network ready for a variety of remote viewing applications

  • Patient education utilities within IMAGEnet® 6

  • In addition to retinal images the TRC-NW8 easily captures anterior photography

  • 9 flash levels and 8 peripheral fixation points as well as a built-in standard central fixation point

  • Illuminated operation panel

  • Electric chinrest adjustment

  • Large color monitor allows for easy viewing of images

Topcon NW8 Sample Pics 1.jpg
Topcon NW8 Sample Pics 3.jpg
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