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Product Overview

plenoptika quicksee

PlenOptika QuickSee
Handheld Autorefractor

The world's most accurate handheld autorefractor


QuickSee's combination of the open view binocular design, wavefront aberrometry, and dynamic measurements produce clinically accurate autorefraction measurements, in a durable handheld format suitable for use in clinics and in the field.

ADA Compliant


Accessible for patients with mobility issues and/or physical challenges.


Binocular Measurements in 10 Seconds


Accelerates subjective refraction with a more accurate starting point and enables high throughput autorefraction.


Easy to use anywhere and patient friendly.

Strong agreement with subjective refraction

<= 0.25 D: 60-70% of patients, <= 0.5 D: 80-90% of patients.

Field Durable

Calibration free and able to operate in humid and dusty environments. Can be used indoors and outdoors and in most light settings. Includes a hardened carrying case and has up to 8 hours continuous use on battery. Operates while tethered for charging.

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