Reliance 4200 Series Stools

Reliance 4200 Series Stools

Bottom-line comfort and maximum variety


The 4200 series two options for pneumatic lift stools: one backless (4240) and one with an adjustable backrest (4246).


  • All 4200 Series Stools have five legs to distribute weight evenly and ensure stability. The circumference of the base exceeds that of the seat to maintain stability in the sit-stand position.
  • Both stools have 15" round seats
  • Stool height adjusts through lever located under the seat. To raise the stool, ease weight off and a pneumatic assist will raise the seat. Lift up the lever, and the stool gently descends to the desired height.
  • Select from 14 easy-to-maintain vinyl colors.
  • All exposed metal, with exception of the aluminum base, is chrome-plated steel.
  • Base and legs finished in tough, black epoxy enamel.
  • Hooded dual-wheel casters.
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