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Product Overview

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Visionix Retinomax 5

Handheld Auto Refractor

The world`s leading handheld Auto Refractor


Retinomax handheld Auto Refractor, delivers wide measurement range on par with table type Ref, now boasts greater mobility, stability and accuracy. The Retinomax 5 series is widely used as a global standard device for pediatric, screening, medical care in remote areas, disaster area and wide range of ophthalmic scene Retinomax 5 will continue the story as an update to the 3 series.

View Finder


With view finder observation, no limit of operator age. Diopter adjustable range is +/-8D . View finder arm angle is changeable of 0-135 degrees, making measurement easy regardless of patient’s position or posture. Adjustable diopter +/- 8D.


Automatic Axis Compensation and extended measurement range


Not only does the device let examiner know the cylinder axis angle, but it can also be automatically adjusted if it is not level.


New Child Mode


While the measurement is being taken, a melody plays continually to keep children’s attention. A constantly changing color display, both on the outside and inside of the device, also keeps children involved during the process.

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