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Visionix Speedy - K2

Auto Refractor Keratomer based upon the retinoscopy measurement principle

Speedy-K2 Autorefractor Keratometer provides accurate refraction and keratometry measurements in a compact design.

Product Overview

Asymmetric Coefficient Value

ACV is a numerical value used to show stability of light measurement.To reject unstable measured values caused by obstruction against measuring light such as eyelid, eyelashes, opacity and etc, ACV is useful as a guideline during REF measurement.

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Auto 2 Measurement Mode

In addition to normal fogging, a more precise fogging method is possible by manually selecting A2 or preset under Setting menu to automatically activate under specific conditions. This kind of fogging is useful for reading the eyes of patients with unstable eyes, instrumental myopia or other conditions.

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Auto Pupil Center Mode

If ectopia pupillae or small pupil is detected, it will automatically activate pupil center mode to assist in taking stable REF measurement.

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Original Unique Fixation Mode

The light intensity can be changed with 3 steps. The unique fireworks picture chart enables astigmatism patients to focus on any of the meridian lines so that the patient can follow the picture. Pupil size is measured during a refraction reading, dropping light intensity automatically when the pupil diameter is smaller than 3mm.

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LCD With 45 Tilt for Free Measurement Posture

The LCD touch monitor can be tilted (0-45 degrees) allowing the examiner to conduct measurements from a standing or seated position.

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