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The Topcon DRI OCT Triton is a multi-modal swept source OCT with a non-mydriatic color fundus camera. Utilizing a 1,050 nm wavelength light source, and a scanning speed of 100,000 A Scans/sec, it provides uniform scanning sensitivity allowing superior visualization of the vitreous and choroid in the same scan. Invisible OCT scanning light, eye tracking during capture of selected scans, along with high scanning speeds reduce the effect of patient eye movement, improving workflow and allowing for more data be to collected in a shorter period of time. A 12 mm x 9 mm widefield scan along with automated layer segmentation provides measurement and topographical maps, with reference database, of the optic nerve and macula in one scan.

*Requires IMAGEnet 6 software.

Topcon Swept Source DRI OCT Triton

The Triton Plus model also includes a monochrome camera for fluorescein angiography and fundus auto fluorescence utilizing the exclusive Spaide auto fluorescence filters.


The easy-to-use, intuitive IMAGEnet 6 software enables dynamic viewing of the OCT data, providing 3D, 2D and fundus images simultaneously. Pin-Point™ Registration identifies an exact pathological location across all imaging modalities available within the Triton. In addition, both compare and trend analysis functions allow users to view serial exams of several scan protocols including our 12x9mm 3D Wide field scan. En face technology*, with layer flattening application allows for visualization of the various layers of the retina.


*Requires IMAGEnet 6 software.

Product Overview

Welcome to  the New Frontier in OCT Imaging

The DRI OCT Triton combines Swept Source OCT and eye tracking with multimodal fundus imaging in an all‑in‑one state‑of‑the‑art imaging tool. The Triton brings the next level of diagnostic capability to you and your patients.

Unprecedented Image Quality 

Triton’s Swept Source OCT, with a scanning speed of 100,000 A‑scans/sec and 1,050nm wavelength light source, results in stunningly clear and detailed images. You will not only see the retina and vitreous, but also the choroid and the sclera like never before!

Remarkable Diagnostic Capability

Seeing deeper makes it possible to have a better understanding of many ocular pathologies. Combined with unique features such as Spaide autofluorescence filters, Fluorescein Angiography and en face imaging,1 Triton empowers you to take proactive steps to preserve your patients’ eye health. 

A Trusted Brand

The Triton has become a trusted brand and recognized leader in Swept Source OCT around the globe. With thousands of units in place, doctors are choosing the Triton for its unprecedented image quality, remarkable diagnostic capabilities, and clinical efficiencies. 

Triton Product Lineup

The Triton is available in the standard model, the DRI OCT Triton, which includes Swept Source OCT, color fundus imaging, red‑free, and optional anterior segment OCT imaging. There is also a DRI OCT


Triton Plus model, which incorporates all of the above plus fluorescein angiography (FA) and fundus autofluorescence (FAF) imaging.

High-quality fundus images 

The DRI OCT Triton offers non‑mydriatic color fundus imaging. Fluorescein Angiography (FA) and Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) are also available.*

Exclusive Spaide autofluorescence filters

The Triton Plus comes with built‑in Spaide autofluorescence filters. They were developed by Richard Spaide, MD of Vitreous Macula Retina Consultants of New York and are exclusive to Topcon. The Spaide filters allow for a much more vivid and detailed image of the Lipofuscin that accumulates in the RPE of the retina, which can be a key in the early detection of eye disease. The Spaide filters do not stimulate fluorescein or ICG so images can be taken post angiography without any wavelength overlap.

OCT images through media opacities

The 1,050nm light source on the Triton allows the OCT scan to penetrate through media opacities, including cataracts and hemorrhages, making it possible for more patients to be imaged.

Eye Tracking 

Eye Tracking comes standard with the Triton. During capture of selected scans, Triton’s eye tracking system ensures that you image the exact location of the retina that you want every time.

Widefield OCT

The Triton incorporates a 12mm x 9mm widefield scan providing  measurement of the optic nerve and macula in a single scan. Besides significantly reducing patient exam time, the widefield scan provides a comprehensive assessment with reference database in a single easy to read report.

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