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Topcon MYAH

Build, manage, and grow your pediatric myopia management practice

  • TOPOGRAPHY: Corneal topography with visit-to-visit comparison and white-to-white measurements.

  • PUPIL ASSESSMENT: Dynamic pupillometry assesses size and light reflexes of the pupil.

  • LENS FITTING: Contact lens fitting tools including database of conventional RGP, Ortho-K lenses, and fluorescein simulation.

  • ABERRATION MAPS: Simulate the effects of higher-order aberrations on visual quality.

  • USER-FRIENDLY: Compact and easy to operate.

  • EASILY REVIEW DATA: Access patient data on any connected PC in your network.

Product Overview

MYAH makes your practice dynamic and smart

Building a myopia management practice requires you to educate your patients and their families about the implications of myopia progression, to manage the condition, and to grow your service offerings. This versatile instrument, with its intuitive and user-friendly interface, integrates easily into your workflow and offers different options for exporting the results.


Build your myopia management service

MYAH provides the initial baseline to monitor risk, allowing you to start the conversation early with patients.

Manage: Monitor and compare

MYAH provides essential information to monitor eye elongation and compare axial length measurements with built-in growth curves.

Grow your myopia management service

Offering axial length screening tests may complement your refraction tests.

MYAH offers all the technologies required to support myopia management: optical biometry, corneal topography and pupillometry – it is a one-time investment. In addition, MYAH is an all-in-one device that offers an evolving platform.

The RX and Axial Length charts help you track progression and monitor the effectiveness of intervention. MYAH provides this data so that you can compare changes over time. MYAH uses the same proven technology as the Topcon Aladdin biometer, producing reproducible axial length results.

Dynamic Pupillometry

 Provides clear information on the reaction time and size of the pupil, which may be useful to monitor ow dose atropine compliance or to titrate the does of atropine. The user can examine pupil centration and diameter over a range of light levels, which is useful for Ortho-K and multifocal lens fitting, and is also informative pre and post-refractive surgery.

Contact Lens Fitting

MYAH provides support for contact lens fitting, reducing the number of lenses that need to be trialed on the eye:

  • Includes a database of conventional RGP and Ortho-K lenses

  • Export Topography data to 3rd party calculators

  • Fluorescein simulation with ability to save and review data

Meibomian Assessment Tools

These tools offer non-invasive Tear Break-Up Time (NIBUT), Meibomian gland imaging with the area of loss analysis, tear meniscus height analysis, blink analysis, real fluorescein imaging and video acquisition, and video review of anterior corneal aberrations between blinks.

Corneal Topography

MYAH offers another range of tools to analyze the anterior cornea, including topographic maps, 3D maps, comparison maps, height maps, Zernike analysis and keratoconus screening.

Corneal Aberration Summary

The Zernike expansion coefficient is used to determine which component(s) dominate to aberration structure of the cornea and to what degree.

The anterior corneal Zernike summary consists of 36 polynomials up to the 7th order and provides a clear view of the optical irregularities that can impact the quality of vision.

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