Topcon KR-1
Topcon KR-1

Topcon KR-1 Screen Shot
Topcon KR-1 Screen Shot

Topcon KR-1
Topcon KR-1


Topcon KR-1

Auto Kerato-Refractometer

The KR-1 Auto Kerato-Refractometer features fully automated operation with an easy-to-use color touch screen, a 360 degree rotatable monitor, and a flexible layout and space saving design. The Rotary Prism measuring system ensures fast, accurate, and repeatable refraction and keratometry measurements.

Product Overview

Simple and Quick Operation

R / L fully automated measurement

Easy-to-Use Color Touchscreen Control Panel

The touchscreen control panel eliminates the need for a control lever

Flexible and Space Saving Layout

The adjustable control panel can be positioned in any direction

New Compact and Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic optical head and headrest design

Compact body

Reliable Measurement

Features Topcon's Rotary Prism Technology for reliable, reproducible results

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