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Product Overview

Marco M4 Main Pic 1.jpg

Marco Ultra M4 Slit Lamp

LED Illumination

The new LED illumination, with a color temperature of 3500 K, allows greater visibility and clarity of anatomy and tissue structure, with brighter and sharper light. A single element, high-luminance LED provides a beautifully consistent and uniform light compared to multiple element LEDs.

marco M2 illumination.jpg

5 Power Optics

The M4 uses parallel (Galilean) type binocular stereomicroscope with background illumination, but has compact/horizontal light source configuration. Featuring a 5 position rotating drum, 16x wide-field, high-eyepoint eye pieces, and includes 5 Power Magnifications (6.3x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x).

marco m2 3 power optics.jpg

Cable Free Design

The Ultra M Slit Lamps are neat and compact with no exposed wiring, giving them a noticeably sleek and stylish appearance. Contemporary and durable finishes have been selected both for lasting application and patient appeal.

cable free design.jpg

Self Contained Headrest

A self-contained headrest & baseplate assembly with a comfortable expanded chin rest design for easier patient access.

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The Ultra M Series of slit lamps are an inspiring orchestration of the original “Ultra Optics” pedigree


They incorporate all of the modern methodologies of optical design and engineering that established the first Ultra Series  as a market leader in diagnostic observation

The new Ultra M Series of slit lamps from Marco are 
a visually elegant, sophisticated design, breaking from conventional philosophies and embracing a more modern appearance.


While high-quality materials, paint and finish were carefully selected for lasting durability, the placement of primary functions and controls were naturally left in comfortable, traditional locations.


Special attention to the overall functionality, feel and movement was paramount to complementing the sleek new design.  

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