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Visionix MW 50D Clinical.png

Visionix MW 50D Clinical Slit Lamp

New MAGWIDE Slit Lamp: A revolution in

super-wide magnification fine optics


Available in clinical and digital versions.

Product Overview

Ultra-Wide Magnification Range

  • A newly-developed microscope with drum-type 5-step zoom and fine optics.

  • A new optical system enables bright imaging even at 50x magnification.

  • Drum-type zooming makes it easier to adjust the magnification within the wider range of 5x to 50x.

  • All optics for observation are multi-coated to enable clear and high-resolution images, resulting in extremely
    high quality optics.

ultra wide magnification.jpg

High Field of View Eyepiece

  • Wide field of view observation is possible even when wearing eyeglasses. Eyepieces can be fixed to the microscope tube to reduce gaps.

high field of view.jpg

Tilting Tube (Option)

  • 15° tilting angle allows observation at a natural posture for taller users. It is also possible to reduce the angle for shorter users.

tilting tube.jpg

Convergence Type Eyepiece Tube

  • The eyepiece tube converges at 8° from parallel optics for easy fusion, making more efficient and natural observation possible.

ultra wide magnification.jpg

High Operability

  • A new plate is employed for stress-free smooth focus adjustment.

high operability.jpg

Bright Colors

  • An LED light source, whose wavelength is much closer to a halogen lamp, has been employed to give the slit lamp a bright, natural color. This eliminates the need for a filter to remove the common “bluish LED light” problem.

bright colors.jpg
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