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Visionix VX 36

Perform lens measurements simply and easily

This generation of lensmeter allows the measure of the rate of transmission of the blue light and offers an intuitive user interface to enable the user to perform lens measurements simply and easily.

Product Overview

Blue Light and UV Measurement

The VX 36 can measure UV and Blue Light with incredible ease and precision.

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Automatic Progressive Lens Detection

The VX 36 can instantly detect when progressive lenses are being measured, making it easier and more intuitive for the operator.

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Automatic Lens Analysis

The VX 40 detects all types of lenses including bifocals, progressives, freeform, and single vision lenses. It is compatible with virtually every lens technology and brand.

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Improved Ergonomics

Featuring a 7″ articulating color LCD Touchscreen, the VX 36 is adjustable for maximum comfort.

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