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Volk Pictor Prestige Portable Retinal Camera

Powerful turned portable

The Pictor Prestige provides superior imaging regardless of location, empowering doctors to take exam room quality images for patients in any situation, in under 90 seconds.

Every Pictor Prestige includes a lifelong license to Pictor Prestige Studio, a leading image analysis software platform.

Product Overview

A Full Day of Imaging

The new rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts through 8 hours of standard imaging. An additional interchangeable backup battery is ready for overtime. In the field or in the office, have power when you need it.

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Sharp, Unparalleled Optics

Obtain crystal clear images for detailed fundus examination with 50° field of view, one of the highest in portable fundus imaging.

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See the Bigger Picture
Reach out even farther and increase your FOV up to 90% with 9 fixation targets. Montage multiple field images to enhance detection as well as gradeability of conditions like Diabetic Retinopathy.
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Expand your Capabilities

The Anterior Imaging Module enables high resolution imaging of the ocular surface to monitor and document conditions such as: corneal abrasions, scratches, Pterygiums, amongst other observations you make.

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Mobility Without Compromise

The Pictor Prestige is equally at home in the office or on the road without sacrificing functionality or quality. Wherever you are headed, your imaging solution is ready to travel with you.

The compact and portable nature of this device reduces the need for a dedicated imaging space. Additionally, the Prestige can be easily mounted onto an existing slit lamp.

  • High volume clinics

  • Screening practices

  • Mobile clinics

  • Primary care facilities

  • Outreach Programs

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Simple. Smart. Seamless.
Drive down the time from imaging to diagnosis and bring efficiency to your workflow. Images transfer wirelessly to your computer, where they can be seamlessly tied to patient records, edited, annotated, and stitched together using our lifelong access to the Pictor Prestige Studio software.
  • Instantly access and review images with bidirectional communication between your camera and software
  • Leverage a suite of image analysis functions such as applying filters, montaging, adding annotations
  • Complete your process flow by generating customized reports for your patients
  • Port DICOM data to and from your EMR system eliminating the need to manually re-enter patient data at every step
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