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Product Overview

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Haag-Streit BA 904 Portable Slit Lamp (Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us for other options.

High-quality Haag-Streit optics.

The BA 904 is the only portable slit lamp that incorporates world-class Haag-Streit optics. These superior optics offer high-resolution examinations; boasting 10x objectives, as well as standard and 16x objectives, as an option.

Both reliable and accurate, the BA 904 offers a Dioptic range of - 8 to +8, an interpupillary range of 53 to 95 mm. It offers a wider field of view, compared to other portable slit lamps available for fatigue-free viewing.


Powerful, hand-held Slit Lamp

The BA 904 can be used for hand-held operation to examine Ophthalmology, Optometry or Veterinary patients who cannot comfortably sit at a larger slit lamp, including pediatric, wheelchair, and bed-bound patients.


Suits individual requirements

The BA 904 can be easily reassembled for more traditional joystick/headrest operation to overcome challenging situations, such as domiciliary, military or disaster relief zones. Whichever method is used, the portability does not diminish the quality of the examination.


Two BA 904 models available

Extremely light and portable, the BA 904 effortlessly fits into a specially designed suitcase, which is supplied as standard. You can choose the portable slit lamp to suit your individual requirements from the two models that are available.

Set A
BA 904 portable slit lamp, including: head and chin rest stand, two C energy packs, charger, power supply and large case.

Set B
BA 904 portable slit lamp, including: two C energy packs, charger, power supply, parking unit and small case.

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