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Product Overview

Haag-Streit BX900 Main Pic 1.jpg

Haag- Streit BX900 Slit Lamp

The Haag-Streit BX 900 slit lamp combines the latest imaging technology with the proven versatility, optical brilliance and mechanical quality of the Haag-Streit tradition


The BX 900 is the leading slit lamp imaging device and is designed to assist the Ophthalmic Photographer in his demanding profession. 


Ophthalmic imaging of the highest possible quality is ensured with an integrated flash, fully synchronized with camera and slit and background illumination, all controlled through a release mechanism directly beside the slit lamp joystick, as well as adaptors for a variety of top of the range digital single lens reflex cameras. 

The camera is mounted above the microscope, thus allowing ease of access to the patient. This is especially useful when photographing in conjunction with hand-held diagnostic lenses.

Xenon flash

The high power flash illumination is delivered via a xenon tube that lies coaxially to the LED illumination and thus exactly reproduces the slit illumination pattern to provide images of stunning quality. The brightness of the flash is individually adjustable for slit and background illumination.

BX900 Features 3.jpg

Mirror housing

The heart of the BX 900 is the mirror housing with its built-in diaphragms. When capturing an image, all light is directed via a mirror to the camera. This allows the maximum utilisation of the available light: 100 % for the examination and 100 % for the image. The built-in diaphragm setting with five apertures is applied on image capture.

BX900 Features 1.jpg

Shutter Release

Conveniently mounted close to the operator’s hand, this can easily be utilised whilst continuously maintaining focus with the slit lamp joystick. As it is symmetric on the cross slide, it allows right- and left-handed operation.

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