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Product Overview

Heine Omega 600 LED Unplugged

HEINE provides you with the best optics, the sharpest image, and reliable colours. Along with the capability to explore the whole retina, including the far periphery.

New visionBOOST for cataract patients: more confidence in the diagnosis when examining patients with media opacities. Proven to deliver up to 20% better view of the retina in patients with cataracts*: no matter what circumstances – always the ideal working brightness for both the patient and the user. 
The new HEINE OMEGA 600 is the lightest high-end indirect ophthalmoscope and offers the best wearing comfort. The extremely compact lithium polymer battery delivers absolutely top performance with up to 8 hours of operating time. With all cables and electronics integrated in the new headband, this ophthalmoscope is the state of the art.

Best 3D imaging due to our unique Stereoscopic Adjustment Technology in dilated and undilated pupils, and even with prematures and newborns 


Personalised fit: ergonomic positioning of controls and levers, adaptable for right and left handed users, flip-up function for more convenient patient interactions


Easy and effective disinfection thanks to smoothSURFACE: no openings, integrated electronic


 Long-lasting investment due to its robust design: legendary HEINE durability, maintenance-free (dustproof optics), optics firmly mounted on an aluminium frame, unique thermal management of LEDHQ

 Kit includes:5 

  • 1 Omega 600 Unplugged Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

  • 1 Charging battery and eyepiece +2D

  • 1 E4-USBC power supply with cable

  • 2 Eyepiece 0D (2X)

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