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Product Overview

Topcon DC-4 Digital Camera 

The DC-4 is a digital camera for capturing still images or videos for detail analysis and diagnosis


The DC-4 has a 5 megapixel CMOS chipset for a crisp capture similar to the binocular observation quality. The DC-4 is very user friendly, images and videos are made by pushing the joystick button of the slit lamp. Incorporated is an infra-red cut filter for sensitivity of infra-red illumination of BG-5, capturing and making Meibomian glands clearly visible.

  • High Resolution – Multi-function camera and Topcon’s proprietary software for optimized color balance and monochrome imaging when used with the BG-5 Illuminator.

  • Meibography Capability — When used with the BG-5 or the BG-4M Background Illuminators, the DC-4 can perform meibography imaging and video clips.

  • Smart Capture Function—With a single push, the operator can obtain a rapid series of 5 images that are quickly saved for later revision and selection.

  • Still Image with Auto Exposure—Automatically compensates brightness. Live alignment image and final picture have the same color balance.

  • Live View—When using the EZ Capture® software in conjunction with the DC-4, a real time live image will be seen on the monitor to facilitate centering and focusing.

  • Video Capability—The DC-4 allows for easy acquisition of video clips of the eye movements without interfering with the examination.

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