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Product Overview

DS550 Digital Camera Essilor.png

Essilor DS 550 Digital Camera

Easy-to-use tool for the capture and processing of eye images for analysis and documentation

  • Compatible with SL 500 and SL 550

  • High performance 2 M pixels sensor

  • Plug and play installation (USB 3.0)

  • Intuitive AnaEyes Software including basic measurement, annotation and archiving

  • Export of various digital files formats

Is this camera compatible with all slit lamps?

No, only to SL500L and SL550L from Essilor Instruments

Does the camera do pictures and videos?

Yes, it can do both.

How many megapixels is this camera?

This camera is 2 MP.

Can we do progression reports?

Yes, the camera is able to follow patients and compare images at different times.

Does the camera do Meibomian gland analysis?

No, it does not.

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