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Product Overview

Marco Bravo Exam Chair 2

The same great value of the original plus enhanced functionality and features

Introducing the sleek, next generation Bravo chair. 

In addition to a smooth, quiet hydraulic lift, an effortless tilting recline mechanism is easy to access and keeps the patient in a comfortable position. With its modern, ergonomic design, and robust engineering, the Bravo 2 ophthalmic chair is made to look good and last.

Effortless Tilting Recline

A precision-engineered “bucket style” tilting recline system keeps the patient in a comfortable, seated position and uses their own weight to maintain a perfectly counterbalanced motion in the eye exam chair. The convenient, one-handed recline mechanism is accessible from both sides of the chair, providing instantaneous, precise control.


Hydraulic Power Lift

A new effortless hydraulic lift system provides smooth, quiet, and reliable chair elevation. Controls are located on any connected Marco instrument stand, and a corded foot pedal is provided for convenient and flexible positioning.

Lane Configurations

With dozens of different exam lane configurations to choose from, you can easily customize your own lane package.

Additional Features

  • Intelligent Rotation Lock – A foot-activated chair rotation mechanism, creatively located behind the chair, is easily accessible from both sides of the chair, allowing for a quick and simple rotation/locking motion.

  • Sleek Adjustable Arm Rests – The ergonomically designed arm rests are built for stability and are individually adjustable for comfortable patient access. The durable polyurethane material is also easy to clean and maintain.

  • Pillow Headrest – An adjustable, articulating pillow-type headrest provides comfortable head and neck support for all patients.

  • Robust Adjustable Footrest – A robust, smooth, and functional footrest is conveniently adjustable, providing stability and easy access for patient safety and comfort.

  • Wheelchair Accessibility – Optional chair glides and chair movers that provide full ADA access capability for handicap patients are available.


Upholstery Colors

Available in Black, Charcoal, Navy

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