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Product Overview

Marco Encore Automatic Chair

The ideal choice for those who prefer instant, automatic reclining functions.

Automatic Adjustments

With the touch of a button, the Marco Encore Automatic Chair quickly reclines from an upright position to a fully horizontal, flat-table mode—or anywhere in between. Another button instantly returns the chair to its upright position. Marco’s exclusive hydraulic system ensures silky smooth elevation and recline.


Backlit Fingertip Switches

Back-lit fingertip switches, as well as a corded foot switch, automatically control chair elevation, recline, and auto-return functions. Programmability allows the operator to pre-program any desired chair reclining position – automatically; continuous adjustment range culminates in a full, comfortable recline


Surgical Accessories

Optional surgical accessories conveniently transform the Encore Automatic Eye Exam Chair into a surgical procedure chair for any elective procedures

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