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NW500 Non-Mydriatic
Retinal Camera

Slit-Scan Fundus Photography Meets Ease of Use

The NW500 is a user-friendly, robotic fundus camera that provides sharp-quality, consistent imaging even in ambient light. Innovative slit scan illumination and rolling shutter mechanism in the NW500 make it possible to obtain excellent quality color fundus images with less flare and shadow. Automated alignment, focus, and capture improve clinical workflow efficiencies.

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Product Overview

Sharp and consistent image quality with slit scanning technology

  • Robotic fundus camera

  • Enhanced image quality with 12MP Sensor

  • Small pupil photography, φ2.0mm or more

  • Rapid and simple capture by single touch

  • Multiple connectivity options

  • 50°field of view

  • Stereoscopic photography

  • Bilateral 2-Field photography

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