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Reliance 940 Chair Glide

Chair Glide for ADA Compliance

The 940 chair glide allows the practitioner to slide the existing chair back to accommodate wheelchairs. Its slimeline chair track also provides maximum access to the patient.

Product Overview

Base Plate
You can place the satin finished, stainless steel base plate on any floor or carpet. Centered on the plate, a stainless steel track guides the carriage and prevents lateral movement. Heavy-duty stops on the base plate limit the distance of travel.

A heavy-duty cast aluminum carriage accommodates virtually any Reliance based chair.

Glide System
Case hardened steel rollers enable the practitioner to effortlessly slide chair out of the way and replace it with a wheelchair. The range of travel is 27’’.

Tapered Track
Track tapers into a 6’’ tail, which allows the practitioners to move an examination stool closer to the chair to provide greater accessibility to the patient.

Locking Pedal
Conveniently located foot lever activates and releases a friction lock that secures the chair in position anywhere along its 27’’ path.

ADA Compliance
The Model 940 helps practitioners comply with the mandatory requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The entire cost of the Model 940 may be applied toward the tax credit provided by this legislation.

Dimensions and Specifications
Base plate length: 52’’ overall; wide section: 28’’; narrow: 24’’. Base plate width: wide section: 20’’; narrow: 6’’. Track: 3/4 ‘’ wide x 3/16’’ high x 52’’ long. Overall carriage length: 29’’. Overall carriage width: 26’’.

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