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Product Overview

Keeler Vantage Plus LED Convertible Wired

The little indirect now has even bigger benefits!

Spectra Iris comes standard with the optics, frame, lithium power pack, and charger.


Spectra Iris - Little indirect, bigger benefits!
Spectra Iris has been specifically designed as a compact, lightweight, and portable indirect with big benefits for professionals on the move. It can be tucked away in its neat carrying case or hung around your neck when not in use. And, you can adjust the size of the aperture at the touch of a slider.


Keeler sport frame
Spectra Iris comes on the new Keeler Sport Frame. This wrap-around frame is not only attractive but provides maximum comfort and balance.


LED long-lasting illumination
No more bulbs, just a long-lasting white homogenous light patch that can be used for up to 4 hours continuously.


Flip-up optics
The whole optical box and light pod can be flipped up, allowing direct eye contact when talking to patients or for writing notes.


Adjustable aperture slider
The hinge allows the Spectra Iris to sit closer to your eyes for a better view and a more comfortable fit.

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