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Product Overview

Product Specifications

Chronos - Automated Binocular Refraction System

Topcon Chronos combines autorefraction, keratometry and subjective refraction in a single device that takes up less than 4 feet of space


The fully automated system, which features SightPilot ® guided refraction software, can be easily operated by anyone in the practice, and binocular testing means refractions take just 3.5 minutes, allowing you to see more patients and grow your practice.*


Chronos can be controlled from a tablet, laptop or desktop PC, allowing operation from a safe distance or another room.

Save Time

Binocular testing and a highly accurate autorefractor starting point allows a complete refraction in approximately 3.5 minutes.*


Save Space 

Chronos combines a keratometer, phoropter and acuity testing into a single instrument with a compact footprint.


​Fully automated system requires just one touch operation to align and capture both the objective measurement and subjective refraction.


SightPilot software guides the operator through the entire process enabling anyone in the practice to quickly and confidently complete the subjective refraction.


Perform more refractions without adding exam lanes or trained technicians.​


​Chronos is ADA compliant and easy to adjust.


Multi-function capabilities allow patients to complete the exam without moving to multiple instruments.

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