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Product Overview

Topcon TLS-FD Full Diameter Trial Lens Set

The Topcon TLS-FD is a full diameter metal trial lens set with carrying case


It is a cost-effective combination of spheres, cylinders, and accessory lenses. These economical bi-convex and bi-concave lenses are mounted in metal rims that have the lens power engraved on both sides of the handle.

  • Includes 35 pairs minus spheres, 35 pairs plus spheres, 17 pairs each plus & minus cylinders, 12 prisms and 6 miscellaneous accessory lenses

  • Available in minus cylinder only, plus cylinder only, or both plus and minus cylinders

  • Provides a wide field of view during refraction

  • Can be used with instruments that require a patient's correction such as visual fields

  • Velvet-lined vinyl carrying case included

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